Propranolol [beta blocker] and caffeine?

I was prescribed propranolol concluding week for a fast heart rate due to anxiety [thyroid blood test came posterior normal]. 20mg, twice daily. I switched over to decaf coffee finishing week & I'm fine with that. But, should I also avoid adjectives other caffeine, i.e. soft drinks? I don't drink them often, but also don't want to never enjoy them again. Other than my [sometimes] fast heart rate, my heart & the rest of me are contained by excellent condition.

General Details Drug Class
Propranolol was the first non-cardio selective beta-blocker to be used clinically. It have a
lower specificity for the heart than drugs such as atenolol with a wider array of side
effects particularly on the lung.
When used surrounded by the treatment of hypertension it is often prescribed together beside a diuretic.
Also used to reduce palpitations, tachycardia and tremor due to stress and hyperthyroidism. Beta-adreno receptor antagonist

Manufacturer's Names Availability
Prescription singular Over the counter
Angilol, Apsolol, Berkolol, Beta-prograne, Betadur
Cardinol, Inderal, Inderal-La, Propanix,

Inderetic, Inderex

How Taken Dosage Duration of Action Dietry Advice
Injection 30 - 320 mg day 6 - 24 hours No specific dietry direction for the drug apart from general advive just about
diet and the control of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease.

Side Effects Chiropractic Considerations
Symptoms Occurrence
Common Rare
Lethargy and fatigue
Cold hands and foot
Beathing difficulties
Muscle weakness may transpire due to direct effect on muscle adreno-receptors.

Dizziness or light headedness especially on standing adjectives (postural hypotension).

Drug Interactions Special Precautions
May increase the effects of ergotamine an anti-migrane drug and
insulin and sulphonylureas used in the traetment of type II diabetes. Abrupt withdrawl of the drug may induce severe hypertension
next to risk of cardiovascular accident such as stroke.

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I googled this information for you. Coffee is known to increase the heart rate so it is well brought-up to have cut down/given it up. However, single time will tell if the tablet is keeping your heart rate surrounded by check, you need to save a regular record if your heart rate and if you hold been prescribed a beta blocker, your GP or consultant will adivse you whether to stop it or not. It is other unsafe to stop prescribed medication without consulting your doctor. I hope this help.
I would avoid caffeine. I know that when I drink it I get agitated and a migraine. There are a lot of soft drinks that are extremely good that don't hold caffeine.

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