How much Tylenol Simply Sleep is plenty for a toxic overdose?

Before anybody asks, I'm not suicidal :P. I'm an aspiring writer and I'm working on a short story about a babyish woman who commits suicide.

I want it to be as realistic as possible describing her suicide. so, presuming she is a 24-year-old woman in the region of 110-115 pounds and has no imperviousness to any drugs built up, how much Tylenol Simply Sleep would she need to purloin to off herself? Each pill contains 25 mg Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride and she is going to down it beside a bottle of vodka. I'm concerned that in authentic life if she took too much she'd only puke it up or go into a coma etc. I'd close to her to die peacefully, in her sleep. Can someone describe to me what she would requirement to take to clear that happen, (and could it come to pass that way)?

I'd really appreciate the help, appreciation in credit to anyone who answers ;)
It takes a LOT of diphenhydramine Hydrochloride to shoot someone. People have enjoy survived a three GRAM overdose. That's 120 25 mg pills, if you're counting. Acetominiphine is quite fatal, but more by liver damage, if I remember correctly. that usually take some time. Coupled with alcohol, the effect is intensified, but departure rarely occur the same year.

Most people embezzle too much, too quickly and cessation up puking it up and only really messing themselves up, but surviving. You might want to look up the LD-50 does for some adjectives drugs. (Lethal Dose 50%) Those charts are usually weight biased.

And don't forget upright old aspirin... to be exact rather decisive if you do it right.

However, many pill overdoses require up to 18 hours for the character to die and the person is commonly found. Check out the hemlock society, too. Some good information at hand.

A street corner purchase of heroin can be rather important for someone who has no tolerance.

Also "The Poor Man's James Bond" have some interesting poisoning techniques.
reflective, really deep. Well, I don't know of Tylenol would do it. Like you said she probably puke adjectives on herself, best bet choke on the vomit and die. An OD like that will product you sick and cause serious liver vandalize down the line. Usually when citizens are enjoying your lives.

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