Can dna be taken from ashes of a cremation?

this is a serious question, i really want to know.

My wife works for a funeral home and no DNA cannot be found within ashes. The intense heat destroys adjectives the nucleic acids and breaks them down to their original forms- carbon. Carbon burns, and is destroyed, a moment ago like burning a piece of daily, all to be precise left is ash.
I doubt it, because adjectives ofthe organic fabric would be burned during the cremation process.
No.Dna is organic, and it would burn away.
i really dont suggest so.
i dont think so ( but i could be wrong)
I asked an undertaker this cross-question once and his answer was a resounding NO
I would say no
Not if the cremation be done property and completely
no b cuz when u burn someone thers nothin but ashes, ur skin can't hold dna thru fire.sorry,,,,,,j/w.,.,.,.,y did u kill someone and burn them? b cuz this is a strange ? and i really want to know.
conceivably some would still be alive in teeth. Fire would mess it up mostly I reckon.
that is a really upright question.. but adjectives the organic have burned
so all is vanished are ashes,, so sorry..
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I don't know 2 ,much about dna and natural materials even tho that might be true but what I do know is that even if it couldit would be difficult becuase there will other be ashes of the remains of other deceased population who were cremeated mixed contained by those ashes. So on that basis alone I would meditate no.
Nope, you need a constant amount of organic stuff.
No, the DNA is destroyed.
DNA cannot be taken from ashes. If there be a trace, it might even be from the casket material which one-time to burn. Ashes are not going to have DNA.
No, the ashes are too degraded. is impracticable
Not from ashes. It can be only extracted from living cell. Sometimes parts of bones can be found among ashes if cremation wasn't full. From those bones DNA can be extracted but only if RNA wasn't destroyed. Best would be to contact a serious laboratory, like of criminal drug. It depends what do you need this information for. If the pretext is sound they would relate you whom to contact and where and how much it would cost.

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