Question for women: Does have an organism ever create a sharp instant headache?

I put this in meds because it IS a serious interview, I have read roughly speaking it but i wonder how common it is and what cause it. I get it sometimes. Anybody?

Whenever I am pregnant (just have my 3rd) I have such high-ranking blood pressure, and I OFTEN get those executioner instant headaches urgently at the peak of orgasm. I thought I be the only one.sheesh.. It is an instant, and almost crippling headache. Kinda kill the mood.
I've never had an organism, sorry. :(
not me it get rid of my headache
According to Talk Sex with Sue it can. Not sure where on earth on the site site I read that but it's somewhere. Personally I have never gotten a headache from one.
It is suppposed to grasp rid of your head tenderness.
Never had this. It make everything better for me.
no,but has give a hand get rid of one on several occasion.-
do you mean orgasm? HA! HA! HA!, why would you write organism!
Organism is defined as an individual form of go, such as a plant, animal, bacterium, protist, or fungus; a body made up of organs, organelles, or other parts that work together to carry on the varied processes of life.

If one leaches on to you or you bring sick yes!
It will give you a headache, restlessness and chills!
Intestinal parasites will afford you many things, among them headache are reported.
Yes, I have have instant headache with orgasm but not beside organism.
It is probably caused by the rush of blood that go through your body- the capillaries on your brain are small and if at hand is a blood surge- it can cause a sharp distress.
There is a condition called "coital headache", which can affect both men and women - sudden, severe, sharp headache at the moment of orgasm. It is benign (i.e., not going to explanation brain damage or injure, although certainly annoying!) and the raison d`¨ētre is not known. It probably have something to do with change in blood pressure and release of hormones.

Sudden, extremely severe headache is also the chief symptom of subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding into the space around the brain. This is rare, but can indicate a ruptured aneurysm (which *is* dangerous) so sudden, hideous headaches, especially if accompany by other symptoms like vomiting, flimsy sensitivity, or numbness/weakness, should be checked out right away in the ER. This sensitive of bleeding can happen during sex/orgasm as okay, when the weak spot on the blood vessel take extra stress from the blood pressure etc.

As you've had this since, I'm sure it's benign. It's not that common but it's really a recognized condition. You may want to speech to a neurologist who specializes in headache.

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