Anatomy and physiology..(anterior..superio... etc)?

Anatomy and physiology questions! HEEEEEEEEELPP... (ANTERIOR.. SUPERIOR ETC..)?
So I am doing lab review sheet 1 from human anatomy and physiology laboratory guide ninth edition by elaine n. marieb and susan j mitchell...

i've done most of it but i'm not sure if i got it right...

but for number 6:

several incomplete statements are timetabled below. correctly complete each statement by choosing the appropriate anatomical residence from the key. account the key parcels and/or term on the correspondingly numbered blanks below.

push button:

a- anterior
b- distal
c. frontal
d. interior
3. lateral
f. medial
g. posterior
h. proximal
i. sagittal
j. superior
k. transverse

In the anatomical position, the face and palms are on the (ANTERIOR) body surface; the buttocks and shoulder blades are on the (POSTERIOR) body surface; and the top of the organizer is the most (SUPERIOR) part of the body. The ears are (MEDIAL) and (LATERAL) to the shoulders and (ANTERIOR) TO THE NOSE. The heart is (ANTERIOR) to the vertebral columpn spine and (SUPERIOR) to the lungs. The elbow is (SUPERIOR) TO THE FINGERS BUT (INFERIOR) TO THE SHOULDER. The abdominopelvic cavity is (INFERIOR) to the thoracic cavity and (DISTAL) to the spinal cavity. In humans, the dorsal surface can also be call the (VENTRAL) surface; however in quadruped animals, the dorsal surface is the (POSTERIOR) surface.

If an incision cuts the heart into right and disappeared parts, the section is a (SAGITTAL) booth; but if the heart is cut so that superior and inferior portions result, the sections is a (TRANSVERSE) subdivision. You are told to cut a dissection animal along two planes so that kidneys are obseravable in respectively section. The two section that will always gather round this requirement are the (FRONTAL) and (SAGITTAL) sections. A partition that demostrates the continuity between the spinal and cranial cavities is a (TRANSVERSE) bit.

The answers that I thought it was are surrounded by parentheses and within caps. Please relief me out if you can. I'd really appreciate it, thanks within advance.

I also don't know the answers to

12. Which organ system would nto be represented surrounded by any of the body cavities?
14. Which body cavity affords the least possible protection to its internal structures?
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You get it wrong...
The ears are superior and medial to the shoulders and posterior to nose. The heart is medial to the lungs. the elbow is proximal to fingers but distal to shoulders. .... and anterior to spinal cavity... dorsal surface can also be call the posterior surface....

12.. there are numerous by definition.. but probably i uess external genitalia. such as the testis

13. tummy... just guessin since it have no bony coverings
I agree with Llama's answers for the multiple choice, but for #12 which organ system would not be represented surrounded by any of the body cavities = Integumentary System
#13 which body cavity affords the most minuscule protection to its internal structures = abdominal cavity

Good Luck!
one change:
The ears are (MEDIAL) and (ANTERIOR) to the shoulders and (LATERAL) TO THE NOSE.

12. integumentary?
14. abdominal- in attendance aren't any bones covering the organs.

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