What is a colonoscopy? Why do so oodles relatives dread them?

They say you're supposed to start getting them after you turn 50. I know it checks for colon cancer. But what IS it?
I've have 4 colonoscopies in yesteryear 3 years - I found some blood in my stool and my GI doc needed to lift a look. Basically a fiber optic tube is inserted in your rectum and pokes its agency around your intestines looking for whatever shouldn't be nearby, such as cancers or polyps. If polyps are found, they are snipped out. Polyps can be a forerunner of cancer so they are removed. Usually the first colonoscopy is at 50 then if your bowels look worthy, every 3 years after that. However, if polyps are found, then every year until the bowel is clear of them. (Yeah! No polyps this time, 1 month ago.)
The first answerer talk about the stuff you obligation to drink before the colonoscopy. It really is vile swill and you enjoy to drink about 2 quarts of it. Plus another laxative. Plus the intensely popular enemas before the colonoscopy can verbs. Your bowel needs to be verbs so your doc can get a honourable look.
Have it done, it doesn't hurt and is just annoying. Best of luck!
It is a procedure to examine the big intestine. A camera and thick cable are inserted surrounded by the anus and threaded up inside the large intestine (about 5 feet). The long-suffering is usually conscious, but sedated during the procedure.

The procedure is only partially the problem. The patient must cleanse the colon beforehand the procedure. This involves a day of drinking a vile solution that cause EVERYTHING inside the colon to be 'passed'.
The doctor inserts a camera anally.
The doctors stick something up your butt and look for abnormal things.
it's a camera that go up the rectum and checks the colon for any problems...that's why it's not too enjoyed
My mom get one recently and shes just 33 so yea and she knew a bunch of associates that are under 30 that get it to and she said it hurt reall bad and they approaching totally drug you or somethin?
Colonoscopy Procedure
What is a colonoscopy?
Colonoscopy is an outpatient procedure in which the rectum and the inside of the lower hulking intestine (colon) are examined.

Colonoscopies are commonly used to evaluate bowel disorders, rectal bleeding or polyps (usually benign growths) found on contrast x-rays. Colonoscopies are also performed to blind people over age 50 for colon and rectal cancer.

What happen during a colonoscopy?
During a colonoscopy, a physician uses a colonoscope (a long, flexible instrument about 1/2 inch within diameter) to view the facing of the colon. The colonoscope is inserted through the rectum and advanced to the large intestine.

If compulsory during a colonoscopy, small amounts of tissue can be removed for analysis (called a biopsy) and polyps can be identified and removed. In many cases, colonoscopy allows accurate diagnosis and treatment lacking the need for a core operation.
now you no why those dread it.
Its where they distribute a camera up your rectum and look at your colon and intestines. Sorry, not very pleasent.
They hold this scope next to a camera on the end and stick it up your butt and whip it through the whole colon to check for cancer and polyp's. I've certain people who have it done and said it's not that bad because they knock you out to do it. The worst element is the stuff you have to drink the light of day before to verbs out your system.
A Colonoscopy is when they stick a camera up your butt to search for cancer or disease. Not with the sole purpose is the thought of something going up your poop-shute uncomfortable to most populace their is the fact that you cannot put away 24 hours before and you hold to be sedated because of the pain.

Go here for more details.

Basically, a colonoscopy is have a camera on a stalk stuck up your backside.

It's undignified, having a camera stuck up your whatsit by a man you've individual just be introduced to. And it's hard to engineer casual conversation while this is going on.

I didn't wallow in it at all. But really, surrounded by terms of medical interventions, at hand are worse things that can happen. Like have a baby, for instance. No dignity near!
an slender robotic tube with camer, clippers, suction feathery, laser, loop, and irrigation are insterted into your anus and then slowly move up through your bowels and intestines. Doctor usually give you a little demerol and versed to comfort calm you down, hook up to o2 and BP monitor. Air is sometimes pumped up inside you to inlfate your intestines to craft it easie for this long snake to slide up inside of you to look for polyps, cancer, tears and other abnormalities of the bowel. Good Luck... it's really seriously of fun. Oh, yeh before that you own to cleanse your bowels out with laxatives and super big concentrations of sodium and magnesiums and must fast for 24 hours.
Oh no, you don't wanna know, own you heard of an endoscopy? it's for general public that have ulceras they put at sizeable tube that has a tiny camera at the downfall to check everything inside you, that goes within your mouth through your throat and into your stomach.

Ok now think that procedure fthrough another hole in your body, down underneath...
It is a camera on the end of a flexible instrument explicitly inserted in the sphincter and slowly up through the rectum into the colon ( lower intestine ) within order to check the condition of the bowel and to look for polyps which can be potentially cancerous. The procedure can be stinging and some people choose to receive anesthetic up to that time the procedure. Having said this, if there is any incidence of bowel cancer within your family it is still a markedly good view to get one.
first rotten do you know what a colon is? yeah
Colonoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the interior inside layer of your large intestine (rectum and colon) through a adulterate, flexible viewing instrument called a colonoscope.
Thought I reckon it's the thought that people dread more than the actual procedure. My sister said that they give her a sedative and it be fine. You have to "cleanse" your colon up to that time the test. My friend said that be worse than the actual test. You can read more roughly it at WebMD.
It is an important trial to have. My mom passed away from colon cancer so I own to have the theory test by age 40.
I'll make this simple. A camera is shoved up a people butt to examen the large intestine for cancer and other diseases.
How thrilled would you be to enjoy something shoved up your @rse?

That's probably why people don't want them.
A preventive standard intended to detect early forms of colorectal cancer in the past symptoms occur, when the disease is most treatable. The procedure involves the insertion into the colon of a long, flexible, lighted tube call a colonoscope, which provides the administrating physician with an picture of the colon's inner lining.

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