What are slow poisons?Which poison take the longest to work?Suggest books on toxins?

i would like a professional to answer the query.thanx
I am not a professional but a victim.

Smoking is a slow poison. It Kills.
There are poisons who works near the body and makes the party die slowly. Well answering your question lead something dark and sinister would you have a sneaking suspicion that? What is your purpose of knowing what are the slow poisons available in the open market. You want to kill someone?

I donot devise you're gonna get too tons reply to your questionaire here. Even if I know a thousand poison which is readily available why would I distribute it to someone asking them. It is common sense, poison information is not suppose to be within a possession of civilians or ordinary relatives like you. Now that they intensifying the 9/11 incident once again, these cross-examine is definitely unintertainable. You are walking on chancy ground.
A professional what? Assassin! Google is your friend. I mean Yahoo search out.
well ably well
alcohol is a slow poison.
Why ?

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