What happen when you snort sudafed?

the sudafed from behinde the pharmacy counter
Sudafed, (pneudoephedrine), is the first ingredient for the synthesis of metamphetamines...is not designed for snorting.
Its a medication that causes decongestion of mucosae, (the walls of the open out orgens) because it contracts the vessels of inflamed organs (nose, sinuses, trachea), however:
If you stir and "try" snorting a non snortable product, such as sudafed, then you will enjoy a raise surrounded by the blood pressure, (hypertension) risk of heart arrhythmias, dizziness, and very, especially dry mouth and trachea (pipeline), blurred vision etc. for around 6-8 hours..
NOT a pleasant experience, I can assure you.....
You kill the ultimate remaing brain cell. LOL...


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