Can I mix (penicillin + amoxicillin) Antibiotics?

I had strep throat a week ago, and they give me Amoxicillin (500mg). The strep seems to be gone, but the 10 days aren't up all the same and I still have to filch them. Tomorrow, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out and they prescribed me Penicillin (500mg). Is it safe and sound to be on 2 different antibiotics at one time? Should I post-pone my wisdom teeth surgery? Or should I basically continue taking hte Amoxicillin and next start taking the Penicillin tomorrow? Thanks for any input.
ask your doctor
Let the doctor know who is doing your wisdom tooth operation. Call his department, and tell the nurse your problem. They will own the right answer for you.
You should call the dentist and ask him what you should do.
Call your pharmacist and ask this. If they are not a right mix, he/she can give you an alternative that will not hold a bad aversion.
Consult a doctor above all else, folks here aren't necessarily knowledgeable surrounded by this area... and could result surrounded by your harm.
Whatever you do, please DO NOT listen to anyone on Yahoo for medical proposal. If in doubt, telephone your doctor or your pharmacist. You can be risking a lot listen to some people here who could confer a rat's butt about you.
Amoxicillin and Penicillin come from duplicate family. However, you are taking tremendously high doses of these so you may want to confer to your doctor or pharmacist about taking both medicine.
don't mix the amoxicillian and penicillian, i did once and made me feel really discouraging..
Penicillin and amoxicillin, or augmentin, are in matching family. It should be categorically fine, but make sure both of your vigour care providers are aware of everything that you clutch.
It's not a good concept to mix antibiotics. Call your doctor or dentist either one and explain the situation. I picture they'll have you quit the amoxicillin and start the penicillin. The penicllin is a broad stock antibiotic and should be all you necessitate.
Basically they are the same antibiotic so you should not clutch them twice. You need to speak about the dentist about the strep very soon before the tooth extraction. It may be okay to verbs the operation.. Do finish the one antibiotic and then pinch the other afterwards.
post pone it.
You really should check with the dentist but I'm comparatively sure the amomoxicillin by itself is good adequate. When it's gone then verbs on with the other. I hold to take 4 amoxicillan (500 mg) one hour past any dentist appointment or any other invasive procedure.
post-pone the surgery
Just TELL them how many more doses (and the dosage) you enjoy left of the Amoxicillin when you progress in for your knowledge teeth. Take the bottle with you and show them. They will probably adjust the Penicillin prescription they make a contribution you, and maybe not hold you start taking it until the Amox is gone.
you may skip your amoxicillin while on penicillin.
if you take both (depends on your stomach), receive reservation with the bathroom...
You requirement to talk to your regular doctor more or less this before have the dental surgery. Although penicillin and amoxicillin are in impossible to tell apart family, and seriously of times they are given together as a combination for treatments, there can be complications, and if the dosages are soaring enough, near can be adverse effects - you dont want to suddenly have voluminous holes appear on your skin out of the blue right? I am talking resembling large ample make anyone wobbly when seeing the holes and make you wonder why you are still living near so little skin left type of holes. that type of adverse spontaneous effect...
ask your Doctor if you can cause it might not be a fitting idea a moment ago ask your Doctor if in debut roughly speaking medicines ask your Doctor.
why dont you freshly ask your dentist?
yes its ok because they are different types of antibiotics. If you were taking the exact same one together it is not protected because you would be taking it for a long period of time.
First I would send for the surgeon doing your surgery and ask him/her this question and also to see if they would do the surgery if you own had strep this close to have them out. You could also call your pharmacist that fill your prescriptions. Penicillin and Amoxicillin are both in duplicate family. Good Luck!!
Definitely don't postpone the surgery. Just ask any the doctor or the pharmacist what to do - they're going to have you discontinue one of the antibiotics.
Call a pharmacist and ask. You wouldn't be taking both at like peas in a pod time, would you? Look up ototoxicity,(or would that be micin/Mycin familial anti-biotics?) You are at YA, so you never really know, SO, Call a pharmacist..
I think you should telephone your doctor/dentist and ask them instead of asking us. You should have asked up to that time you left the dentist when he/she prescribed the other medication to you. I hope you really consider calling the doctor tomorrow. Good Luck on your Wisdom teeth you might need it.
I'd be sure to put in the picture your oral surgeon that you are also on the amoxicillin. He may tell you to verbs taking that instead of prescribing penicillin. As far as I know, they are pretty much the same item. I am allergic to amoxicillin, but I am allowed to take cephalexin. A type of antibiotic.
You can rob them...however, don't take both of them together...Ask your doctor which antibiotic you should bring...both take protection of fighting infections.

However, the purpose you don't want to take them concurrently is because if you help yourself to an overdose of antibiotics it could may you sick...lack of the well-mannered bacteria contained by your system could make you more subseptible to other infections.

If I be you...I would postpone your wisdom teeth because you're body requirements some rest of fighting rotten your infection and plus the intake of amoxicillin (especially the work on kidneys)...
While there may be no interactions, you should recitation the dentist about your previous antibiotic, so he/she can compute the dosage, and IF you should continue the two at like peas in a pod time, or begin a time-table.
The rule is never enjoy surgery if there is ANY infection anywhere going on contained by the body.
If it were me, I'd postpone it so my body can restore your health from the stress of the illness past having to be resilient for the oral surgery. Pain and drugs and anxiety are outstandingly harmful to your body and lift a lot of strength to hang on to your immune system healthy. Wait. Your tradition teeth aren't going anywhere. Get well first. Then receive your mouth fixed. Go buy some acidophiles to boost your immune system with the strep throat. It'll aid Take it 3 times a day.It's not expensive, no toxicity to verbs about,raw, and it puts good flora (good germs ) back into your body to facilitate you build your white blood cells---your immune system protects you against infection, so it helps to rouse that!
Hope you get better soon.
You don't want to MIX any antibiotic beside another honey.
It can create a Super Bug in your tummy, and afterwards it is
hard to struggle with any antibiotic. I have this last Spring
arise to me, when a dentist kept switching me from
one antibiotic to another. I had a root strait and it felt
close to hell on earth, and instead of fixing the problem, he
cause me 3 months of pain and misery.
Amoxicillin is a derivative of penicillin. Why or WHY didn't you ask the prescribing doctor and dentist?
Amoxicillin is a form of penicillin. I would

>>>>> phone a pharmacist right immediately <<<<<<<<<

rather than try to get hold of layman's adive on Yahoo! Answers. It will probably be an either/or answer and I'd lean towards taking the Amoxicillin as it is important for strep throat.

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