Do "lactaid" pills in actual fact expire?

I'm lactose intolerant and I have the "Lactaid: Fast Act" Lactase enzyme supplements that you can take if you want to eat dairy. What is the concord with these kind of pills. How strict is the expiration date if they have be kept in cool medicine cabinet?

For I need to throw away pills that influence EXP. 11/07?

Yes, becuase how they work is they provide the missing emzyme needed to digest lactaid so I would definitely budge with the expiration date labeled.
if to be exact the box that is blue and has a ice cream on it, yes my sister is and we did that for a science project you own to take them before they expire, they do not work!
they probably will "work" but more likely they've lost potency/stability, especially if it's been opened/stored inappropriately...and in worst valise scenarios may induce adverse effects. it's best to get rid of them expired medications, prescription or OTC

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