How do Anesthesiologist determine how much Anesthesia to present a tolerant? The bulk, age, sex is envovled?

Yes definitely substance, and im no doctor but sex and age may have something to do with it if it affects your hormones? but it is all one big chemical equation and a complicated pasture of study
There are doses that have already been established for each drug. Most are base on weight. Though its better to do it off of lean body weight, your body solidity without fat. Anesthetic drugs have no effect on portly and can lead to an overdose of anesthetic drug if a person who it 500 lbs but ideally would be 200 lbs. Age is also an important factor, not so much the actual dose but other considerations. Children's glucose level, fluid rates,etc. Elderly with other disease conditions like liver disease (where most drugs are metabolized) or kidney disease.
Weight gives us a starting point, but we don't go by formulas for the most part. We "titrate to effect", which channel giving drugs a little at a time until we get the effect we're looking for. People are very different, and 10 populace of the same weight might require 10 different dosages to get an appropriate stratum of anesthesia.

Another important factor is the level of surgical stimulation. Some things just hurt more, and a deeper rank of anesthesia is required. A patient's co-morbidities play a role, as well as what medications they're on, whether they smoke (smokers = bane of my existence within the OR), and what the surgeon is planning for them post-op (anesthesia for outpatients can be quite different than for those who will be spending the night).

Clinical judgment is also used to know what drugs to give and how much of them to impart. That is something that comes with experience. Sometimes I just get a sense that I'll inevitability to do something, or have certain equipment or drugs in the room, and like mad of the time, I'm right. You just get a feel for things after a while.

Sometimes patients can really surprise us, though. Like LOL (little outmoded ladies) that take huge amounts of drug to go to sleep, or big guys that take almost nought. That's why taking these kinds of drugs in an unmonitored setting can be so dangerous.

We're more feasible to stick to formulaic administration of drugs with kids. They are usually better at responding appropriately based on solidity.
i believe all of those are important factors.

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