Will you probably die from a single stab to the chest/abdomen?

I had an argument with a person roughly speaking this...

He believed it is PROBABLE that you would die instantly (in less than 30 seconds) from an untrained knife fighter surrounded by a random stabbing in a single blow.

I believed that most organs such as the liver, lung, and abdomen, to include the untaken spaces in your body would make a single blow unlikely to kill you instantly. Also I be considering the nature of a knife wound. When a knife stabs you the flesh surrounding it tend to collapse around the broken tissue impeding the bleeding, unlike a bullet wound that cavitates or and explosion which ruptures blood vessels making the vasospasm and constriction difficult to shunt blood and constrict the bleeding vessels.

To me this man be an idiot. What are your thoughts?
An untrained fighter isn't likely to hit anything important. It's also surprising how normally people can survive even a stab wound to the right ventricle of the heart. And lung wounds are likely to result in a pneumothorax, but not a TENSION pneumothorax, next to drastically different prognoses between the two. In the abdomen, it's hard to get to the aorta, and the liver and spleen are pretty economically protected behind the lower ribcage. Most abdominal wounds either hit gut, with a verbs about peritonitis, or nothing important at adjectives. Exploratory laparotomy isn't even routinely warranted.
Depends on what it hits, regardless it would not be instant.
When a foreign object enters the body such as a knife, the tissues to contract around it and stamp off the blood vessels in command to protect the body and stop blood loss. However, if the knife enters the heart this can cause disappearance. If the knife enters a lung, this can cause departure, but not for a long time, as the body will compensate with the other lung. If the knife enters the bowel, bowel contents can spread throughout the body and waste a person even if the person receives prompt medical fastidiousness because bowel contents are poisonous and cause infection, which is quickly spread throughout the entire body by the bloodstream. If the knife wound cause internal bleeding, which is a common scenario, this can cause death relatively against the clock because the person will literally bleed to death from the inside. I have never hear of anyone dying within 30 seconds from a knife wound, unless the axe entered the heart or one of the major vessels supplying it. The body is designed to survive and will do everything it can to say and sustain life. Even if a stab wound if not life-threatening, the person may be in motion into shock, causing vital organs to shut down, which can cause disappearance, while the stab wound itself might not have been life-threatening.

I work in the legitimate field, not the medical field, and I learned this from my ten years working contained by the the criminal courts in Detroit and hearing coroners testify about explanation of death and from hearing surgeons testify about how they tried to accumulate someone's life.
Less than 30 seconds? That would require a very precisely placed stab and a perfect, strong arm.

Most stab wounds don't result in death at all, if the merciful receives medical treatment.

Your logic is sound. If the knife is still surrounded by the patient, it is sometimes left in place until the surgeons can attain in there and see what it's cut through.

A stab wound to he neck is more predictable to hit something important - more vital structures in smaller amount space.
Of course not! I thought EVERYBODY knew that....?
less than 30 seconds? I don't know. If the cut nicks the pericardium sac around the heart, I don't know the exact names, i believe a person can die inside minutes or a minute. Most other knife wounds to the chest/abdomen would take a little while to kill in cold blood you.

Perhaps the guy is falling into believing the movie stabbing, where the victim is dead up to that time he/she hits the floor. I think you would need a good whack to the heart to die in a flash. And even that would take more than 30 seconds.

And come on, an idiot? No, he's just still erudition.
It would depend on where the strike was and how thoughtful it goes. There are stories in the news in the order of people that survive multiple stab wounds to the body. It is possible, could even be probable, but probably not. I know I don't want to find out first hand.

Oh yes, I completely ignored the instantly piece. To die instantly from a stab wound seems to be HIGHLY unlikely.

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