Can you drive after taking 5mg of diazepam?

If you are at all impaired by the drug, that's the same point as drunk driving - you can have a decreased reaction time, and may be more plausible to cause an accident.

You can also be arrested for driving under the influence.

It is best not to drive while taking Valium, unless you're on it chronically, and know that it doesn't affect your impulse time or judgment.

5 mg. is enough to impair most people who are not tolerant to it.
depends on how it affects you it is imprudent you drive when on that medication because it acts as a sedative so your reaction and response times are slowed but 5mg not a huge dose so depending on your weightiness and height and general body type it might not affect you that much so therefore the broad recommendation is that you do not drive until you have been on the medication for some time and you know how you take action to the medication
The maximum pill size is 10mg, so 5 isn't a huge dose.

That being said, some people really react differently than others. Wait it out for an hour or so. If you're sensation alert still (not groggy), then gopher it. If not, than its better to get a DD or a cab if its REALLY vital. Also, its a lot easier to drive if you've been taking it for a while. So if you've been taking it for a few days, and are purely now needing to drive somewhere, then I'd vote you'd be fine.

But 5mg isn't a lot. This Australian Shepard dog I work with takes Valium when there's a storm, and they supply her, a 50 pound dog, 10mgs. But then again, I wouldn't let her drive either... :-)

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