Do neurologists/neurosurgeons prescribe medication to their patients or..?

do they just diagnose/ so the surgery on the patients?
Of course they do, for example I have specialis/neurologist specifically for children through teenager patient in other words the one to be precise treating me is the one that has treated ever since I was born premature as from what I was born at the 7 months and from what I be diagnosed with seizures/epilepsy and ever since when I was just a infant the medication that I was given were by shots and after the years went by I be given medication that were pills and those pills were call primedone as so, I stop drinking these pills at the age of 14 and the foundation was that tthese pills where out of service so from those pills I then took some other ones that are call Lamictal (lamotragine) so therefore eversince I was prescribed this medication, I am still tkaing them and from wht I drink 200 mgr in the morning and 200 mgr contained by the night so I hope this answers really well your question.
neurologists and neurosurgeons are different specialists. Neurologists are type of medicine doctors. Neurosurgeons are type of surgical doctors. However they both clutch care of 2 different aspects of neurological conditions.

neurologists make the diagnosis and treat them medically. they prescribe medications resembling any other physicians. they do not do any surgeries.

neurosurgeons mostly do surgeries. but they can prescribe medications too. they may not be as thorough as neurologists in many of medication used for neurological conditions however they are legally qualified to prescribe medications.

however the opposite is not true. a neurologist is not properly qualified to do neurosurgeries. although in an emergency situation if no surgeon is available a neurologist may do a surgery and as long as he can prove later that it was near a good intention and a life saving weigh up he can legally defend himself. otherwise a neurologist is not supposed to do surgeries.

In general neurosurgeons traffic mostly or only the surgical issues and their neurological care is taken by neurologists.
Yes they prescribe medications like crazy...
Yeah, both are physicians and so long as they hold license they can prescribe whichever medication they deem indicated.
Both Neurologist, and Neurosurgeons prescribe medications. Neurologist treat a multitude of neurological problem including things like migraine headache. Neurosurgeons perform operations of the neurologic system. Including things like herniated disc's to brain surgery. However, a neurosurgeon can one and only prescribe medication while treating you before and after surgery. If your pain persist, consequently the neurosurgeon would refer you to a pain specialist.

Hope this helps.

yeah, for neurological syndromes, conditions and diseases

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