L-Lysine vitamine supplement? What is the benefit of taking it?

Does L-Lysine help reduced recurrences of skin boils and cysts?
L-Lysine supports production and conservation of the protective sheathing around your nerves.
Its not a vitamin.

Its an essential amino acid, which system your body cant make it from other amino acids or synthesize it from other food.

You have to eat it to get hold of it.

Its commonly used by weight lifters to help with recouping and endurance.

Supposedly it reduces herpes type infections, so that would be warts, mouth sores, boils, cysts, ect.

But that isnt entirely proven.

It's not a vitamin, and taking it has no benefit. It will not affect weight lifting, tolerance, herpes, boils, or cysts, and will not affect the myelin around your nerves. As with most supplements, there is no medical evidence supporting its use. You should get plenty of lysine from protein contained by your normal diet; it's one of the more common amino acids.

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