Pac Sun Drug Testing?

I was just curious for my own personal information if anyone knew whether or not Pac Sun currently drug tested.
I live contained by Virginia if that helps.
I appreciate all serious answers to this question and ask that no bullshit answers almost "drugs are bad" are posted.

Pacific Sunwear claims to be a drug-free workplace...... However, NO they do not currently drug test. I own been associated with the company for several years...... and lets only say, IF they did..... more than half of their employees would backfire!

In my region they do not!, in yours...... id think they don't ither
I dont know about them specifically, but almost all companies are doing pre-employment screening immediately.

I am not going to tell you that drugs are bad.

BUT, I will tell you that using them while looking for a post is irresponsible, and so is using them if it could make you loose your job.

Even if a company does not do pre-employment or random, ALL companies hold the right (it will be in your hiring paperwork) to drug test at any time they see fit. Any time there is an quirk on the job, if you are involved, you will be tested (especially if someone is injured, or a lot of property is damaged). If you test positive, you will be held liable, and their insurance wont cover it.

Also, you should know that if you are within a vehicle accident bad enough to warrant drug carrying out tests, it will be your fault if you test positive.
drugs are bad mmmkay
To my personal experience, no, Pac Sun does not drug test.

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