Can patients on aldomet own a false positive urine drug eyeshade for amphetamines?

According to the literature within the test kits... some kits do interview positive for amphetamines with aldomet.
Test kits are not very specific, they only should be used to see if further test are indicated. Aldomet has many features similiar in structure to amphetamine, it is graceful to see how a chemical test could make a false positive.

Aldomet does not change to amphetamine surrounded by the body.

However amphetamine can change into something very much like aldomet, possibly even aldomet in the body (para hydroxylation of Amphetamine is mentioned in Goodman and Gilman's Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 6th edition, page 159, but not in a newer edition). It would simply take a meta hydroxylation after that to make aldomet.

The reverse reactions would be notably unlikely.

Only drug tests that use some form of chromotography (that attempts to separate the various chemicals) followed by Mass Spectra (that tells the molecular mass of the molecule) and IR spectra (the fingerprint of the molecule) have a low false postive rate.

There are many other drugs to treat high blood pressure than aldomet, consider asking your doctor to switch you to something else.
Although there are many different screening assays used for amphetamines, and some are of more questionable sensitivity than others (the point of care assays using pregnancy question paper type strips are frighteningly so), any reliable laboratory will probably show a negative initial screen and certainly will show a unenthusiastic confirmation.

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