Suicide via Tylenol, Aspirin, and Ibuprofen?

First of all, if you are reading this, please don't automatically freak; I have no intention on acting on the information or answers provided. It was merely a quiz that piqued my interest recently. (Read: I was sitting at home while it was snowing - surrounded by frickin' OCTOBER this afternoon - and was looking over the small pharmacy in my bedroom contemplating life.)

So, can you commit suicide via Tylenol, Aspirin, and Ibuprofen? (I know Ibuprofen will mostly give you ulcers...) How quickly? How excruciatingly? Is it a sure thing? How many pills (of each or separate) roughly for a woman of average elevation and weight (5"4 around 140 lbs)?

Answers would be appreciated; I'm simply curious. (All answers telling me to "go to a doctor" or pray will be disregarded, as they're not pertinent.)

Thanks =]
You can essentially overdose on anything because everything must be taken in moderation. You could even theoretically Overdose on something like soda. The amount of pills depends on the personality and how well they can tolerate it.
I took 135 panadol tablets, and then threw up 20 bringing my total to 115 in my system.
ALOT of pain, intolerance to it immediately, but no, you can't kill yourself on it apparently, unless you take like 300 or 400 of them and afterwards wait a few days for your heart to fail.
The pain is beyond the pale though.
Acetaminophen is the active chemical within all of those, and will kill you slowly over weeks or months due to hepatoxicity, aka liver poisoning

It takes solely an acute overdose to put you in an extremely painful long long long death, and almost an unrealistic amount, upwards of 40+ T3's to wipe out you quickly, and by quickly I mean a few days - and yes its for sure unless you achieve charcoaled and pumped

Pain killer deaths are the worst way to possibly snuff out yourself

It wouldnt take much to die, its the process that sucks

And by a measure of painful, picture a 4'' axe being stabbed into your liver, and then just gone there while you go on about your business. Your skin turns sickly, and your body fills up with bacteria. And it take weeks to kill you. Not fun.
ibuprofen and aspirin are far too irritating. acetaminophen, if taken in tremendously massive doses, will kill you immensely painfully after a week or such via liver failure
Tylenol is not a good idea it causes liver anticlimax two weeks later and you linger in spasm. Aspirin is possible if you have the stomach of a goat. It makes most people throw up within large amount a pretty good antidote for it's self. Ibuprofen is also highly irritating you would probably throw it up but together beside aspirin there is a chance of bleeding but its unlikely to be successful. By the way Tylenol is irreversible after 24 hour. It must be leached from the liver next to another drug it must all be gone by the end of 24 hours or you will have some liver defacement. I know someone who tried that.

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