Compare and Contrast spongy (cancellous) bone next to compact bone.?

Make sure to give a good definition of each one and even better what exactly it is composed of. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!
Cortical bone: also specified as compact bone, is one of two main types of osseous tissue. Cortical bone is dense and forms the surface of bones. It is solid in appearance, and constitutes as 80% of total bone mass. Compact bone is composed of many cylinder shaped unit called osteons, or Haversian Systems (after the anatomist who discovered them.)

Spongy Bone: Cancellous bone is a type of osseous tissue with a low density and strength but very high-ranking surface area, that fills the inner cavity of long bones. Cancellous bone lies between two layers of compact bone, and this help contribute to bone strength. As you can guess by it's name, it looks spongy, or porous. Spongy bone is not composed of osteons, instead it consists of needle-like bony structures called trabeculae.

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