How does jacking-off effect your eyesight?

Hi, well lately my eyes don't seem to be working that well. Also I hear from a couple of people that jacking off could cause fruitless eye vision and I've been jacking off alot lately.
economically if the seamen lands in your eye your pretty much ******, other than that your friends are ******* with you, cuz i whack bad my **** tons and i got like 7000/7000 vision... or doesn`t matter what
Craziest interview I've ever read, but as for me, when I use to jack-off normally, or now since I've been have sex regularly, I've noticed that right before, during, and right after ejaculation occurs, I be aware of my eyes wanting to close and I think I am going to pass out because it feels incredible.
As far as I know, that be a joke that people ended up taking it as true...
It doesn't that's stupid, it actually enhances all your senses
Be sure to stop, when you need glasses.
it makes you turn Japanese.
wow um... idk conceivably the lack of ***** is making you crazy and ur imaging it.
It doesn't. -.-
no effect !
Its doesnt but it does affect your d¨Ścolletage. you get neck probloms later on from looking down
You niggardly does it AFFECT your eyesight.

Affect = cause something

EFFECT - something that is caused afterward

Does jacking rotten AFFECT my eyesight?
What are the EFFECTS of jacking off?

NOTHING - it has nothing to do beside eyesight.

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